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Our fee structure has saved all of our clients a lot of money and it is combined with an efficient and fast turnaround

Validation of your existing CE Marking Certificates.


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An increasingly important part of our service is the validation of any CE Certificates that you may already have for some or all of your products / equipment.

Please note that whilst the term CE Certificate is more popular the correct term is Declaration of Conformity.

We have found that 70% of all the CE Certificates that are sent to us for validation are not correct and therefore do not comply with CE Marking regulations.

The most common faults are:

1) The directives quoted are out of date.
2) The standards quoted are out of date.
3) The standards quoted are incorrect.
4) The directives quoted are incorrect.
5) The certificate does not contain all of the required information.

We offer a free validation of your current CE Certificates (Declarations Of Conformity) for any type of product / equipment.

If you would like us to validate your certificates then please email us a copy of them plus product details to include:

a) Product description and model names / numbers that are, or should be, included in the certificate.
b) Intended purpose - brief description.
c) Power source - if applicable

( For Medical Devices only:  Are the products supplied in a sterile condition? )

If we require further information we will contact you.

This is a free service without any obligation to use any of our other services.



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