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Our fee structure has saved all of our clients a lot of money and it is combined with an efficient and fast turnaround

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Time frame
The following services include absolutely everything required to enable you to immediately apply the CE Marking to your products. You can then supply your goods throughout the European Union in a totally legal manner in compliance with all EU Regulations.

These are all one time charges and there is nothing further to pay now or in the future. These fees include the first item and if applicable are subject to a small extra charge for any additional items/models on the same certificate.


Our standard service will put the Declaration of Conformity and the Technical File in your hands within 8 days (not including weekends). This service does not apply to products that require third party testing.


We offer an express service for self certification cases whereby you will be able to apply the CE Marking in 48 hours (including weekends). There is an extra charge applicable. This express service does not apply to products that require third party testing.


Our fee structure

Initial Search to determine whether third party testing is required under the CE Marking Directives involved:  FREE

Plus either of the following two options for completion of CE Certification:

Standard service: US$950 / £475
Express service: US$1520 / £760

Cost saving

To keep costs down any number of closely related products or models can be included on one CE Certification. We make a small extra charge for this depending on the closeness of the relationship and according to the quantity of the products or models involved.



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