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If you have goods held up in customs due to lack of proper CE Marking documentation then we are able to assist you

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If you buy a product to resell you will probably be asked by a potential buyer to supply CE Marking certification. This can be difficult because although the product is CE certified to you by your supplier or manufacturer  you naturally do not want to divulge your supply source to a potential client. Therefore, if you certify the products in your own name you will be able to satisfy a buyer immediately without divulging your supply sources.
We produce the Declaration of Conformity and Technical File in your name with no reference to your supplier.
This gives you complete confidentiality whilst providing your clients with the confidence that comes with CE Marked goods


The amount of goods without proper CE Marking currently being held up in Customs throughout the European Union is on the increase again.
An ever increasing number of shipments are being delayed in Customs in various EU countries due to having faulty CE documents or none at all.
Bear in mind that Customs charge for storing goods.
We can help via our EXPRESS service to get your goods out of Customs quickly, usually within 48 hours.
We will also give you the inside information that you need to help speed your products through Customs even when they are properly CE Marked.
Let’s face it, Customs officials can sometimes be difficult and even obstructive so it pays to know what eases things through.
Goods are sometimes held for weeks or even months in extreme situations. Goods are even being returned to sender if no immediate solution is forthcoming and that involves a lot of unnecessary costs.


If you email us with your product information we will be very pleased to give you a free product appraisal with regards to CE Marking.
We will advise whether or not your products are liable for CE Marking and we will explain exactly how we can help you and a firm price to achieve the CE Certification that you will need.

Q:  What if the free appraisal shows that my products are exempt from CE Marking?
A:   We can provide a CE Marking Exemption Certificate, at a low fee, for you to satisfy your clients.
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