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Do your products really need to have CE Marking and if not then what are your options in a competitive market place?

CE Marking Exemption


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As part of our Free Product Appraisal we will review the CE Marking Classification Rationale for all of the Directives and advise you whether your product must be CE Certified to be able to be legally supplied within the European Union (EU). If after having completed this review we find that your products are outside the scope of all existing CE Marking Directives and therefore do not require, or are not permitted, to have the CE Marking we can still assist you.

What are your options?

1) Do nothing, a common choice but not a good one, as it will negatively affect your EU marketing campaign.
2) Ask us to provide a CE Marking Exemption Certificate which will definitely enhance your EU marketing campaign.

Why bother with this?

The CE Marking Exemption Certificate has proven to be very helpful with the marketing of exempt products throughout the EU countries as most buyers require to be satisfied that the products really are exempt and not that you simply haven’t bothered to get them CE Marked. It is of great help to your distributors with their local marketing efforts to be able to demonstrate this responsible action.

The CE Marking Exemption Certificate invites your and your agents’ prospective clients to contact Barclay Phelps for verification of the accuracy of the document.

Many companies now realise that the penalties for wrongly marking products are severe for both the manufacturer and the re-seller.

For a one off fee we supply a CE Marking Exemption Certificate to cover your products so that you have a verifiable document to show to your clients. The certificate includes a legal justification of the exemption rationale.

CE Marking is product specific and the CE Marking Exemption Certificate needs to list all of your exempt products with model name/number references.

As a further option we also offer Continuous Monitoring to check if your product/s are about to be included in any of the Directives. In this event we notify you of the situation and we will complete the required certification  at your request.



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