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Our FREE product appraisal combined with the answers to all of your CE Marking questions is a good starting point

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Without doubt the most productive way to proceed is by email as a product description is required (with photo/s or web site if available) in order for us to evaluate your situation.

So please get in touch with us by email so that we can give you a free appraisal. If you accept our appraisal we will compile a detailed questionnaire for you to answer about your product/s so that we can make a search of the directives on your behalf.

There is NO CHARGE for the questionnaire or search.

Then we will offer to take you right through to CE Marking certification so that you can immediately apply the CE Marking to your products.

Please email your product information to barclayphelps@gmail.com 

Email Contact:  barclayphelps@gmail.com

USA & Canada:  1 800 913 0161

UK & EU:   London 0207 4195946


We do NOT cover the following types of products:

Medical Devices of any type
Authorised Representative services
ATEX Products for use in explosive atmospheres
Toys for use by children under 14 years of age
Personal Protective Equipment to be worn or held
Construction Products of all types









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