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CE Marking Label and the CE Declaration of Conformity are essential for product import into the E.U.

CE Marking Overview


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CE Certification

CE Labels

For approximately 90% of products the CE Marking regulations allow manufacturers to self certify them WITHOUT THE NEED to have expensive CE Testing by a third party.

If they have the time and knowledge they are allowed to assess the product conformity for CE Marking themselves OR FOR A MODEST FEE they can have it done by Barclay Phelps who will attend to all the legislative research required to issue the CE Declaration of Conformity and the required CE Technical File and CE Validation . All ready for you to apply the CE Marking to your products for immediate sales within the EU.

1.   Why struggle with the complexity of CE Marking requirements?

Barclay Phelps have the experience of thousands of successfully completed cases of CE Marking and CE Certification. We fully understand the complexity of CE Compliance and CE Approval and we are exceptionally well qualified in this field. So why struggle with the complexity of this subject when we can do it all for you for a very modest fee.

2.   CE Marking is not only a legal obligation

When correctly completed it is a most useful marketing tool. It will probably be the best money you ever spend on marketing in terms of maximum reward for minimum investment.

3.   Develop new EU markets more easily

When your products carry the CE Marking you will find that importers, distributors and sales agents will be easier to appoint as they do not have to deal with complex compliance regulations. They will not want to get involved with product certification which requires complex professional expertise. They will probably excel in marketing and sales, but are they equipped in handling regulatory and legal issues?

4.   How much will it cost?

Our fees are probably the most competitive in this business.
In 90% of cases we can complete CE Certification without the need for third party testing for US$950.00  /  £475.00
Subject to a small extra charge for more than one product on the same certification.
That is a one time payment and there are no other fees.
The certification lasts for the lifetime of the product.

This price includes everything required to be able to legally apply the CE Marking to your products, ready for business in the EU.

Our Standard Service is 8 working days with
an optional Express Service available.

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Express delivery of CE Mark

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